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The Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (WPGS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization of amateur and professional family historians and genealogists dedicated to the study and preservation of family history.  Since 1974, WPGS has been dedicated to the study and preservation of family history, mainly in Western Pennsylvania, and aims to provide members with genealogically-related information, connections, and resources to enable your family history research, wherever it may take you. 
The Board of Directors and Committee Leaders are continually striving to better serve our members and provide value to the genealogy community. One way we are doing that is by continually expanding the content available on our website. Please check back often!  
If you wish to learn more about the history of WPGS, we have prepared a two-page history of our organization. Also from 1974, our ABC's of Genealogy Research, which still applies.  The latest revisions to the WPGS Bylaws were approved on June 19, 2017.
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Because this is an all-volunteer effort, there may be last-minute changes to the schedule above.  If you plan to visit WPGS and think you will need assistance, please email research@wpgs.org to be sure that someone will be available on that day.
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Operating Year: July 2020 - June 2021

2020-2021 WPGS Officers
President: Lois Salvatora
President-Elect: Rebecca Kichta Miller
Recording Sec.: Pamela Israel
Corresponding Sec.: Nancy Romig
Treasurer: Dave Salvatora
WPGS Directors
Director 2019-2021: Rebecca James
Director 2019-2021: Ronald Briskey
Director 2019-2021: J. Miller, III
Director 2020-2022: Amy Welch
Director 2020-2022: Colleen O'Laughlin
Director 2020-2022: Ray Jones
Project Leaders & Committees
Ancestor Charts: Rob Felton
Archives: Ronald Briskey
Digitizing: Kathleen Kenna
Facebook: Ruth Brannigan
First Families: Megan Young
Historian: Joyce Homan
Library Collection: Patte Kelley
Library Research: Lois Salvatora
Membership: Rebecca James
Newsletter (Jots): Rebecca Kichta Miller
Programs: Amy Welch
Publications (WPGS): Colleen O'Laughlin
Publicity/Communication: Rebecca Kichta Miller
Quarterly (Vacant): Lois Salvatora
Suzanne Johnston Scholarship: Colleen O'Laughlin
Used Book Sale: Rebecca Kichta Miller
Phone Messages: Marilyn Cocchiola Holt
Webmaster: Bob Rowe
Website (Temporary): Rebecca Kichta Miller

Our Geographic Area

Western PA county mapThe Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society does research in the 26 counties west of Centre County. These western Pennsylvania counties, along with their dates of organization, include:
Allegheny 1788
Armstrong 1800
Beaver 1800
Bedford 1771
Blair 1846
Butler 1800
Cambria 1804
Cameron 1860
Clarion 1839
Clearfield 1804
Crawford 1800
Elk 1843
Erie 1800
Fayette 1783
Forest 1848
Greene 1796
Indiana 1803
Jefferson 1804
Lawrence 1849
McKean 1804
Mercer 1800
Somerset 1795
Venango 1800
Warren 1800
Washington 1781
Westmoreland 1773